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Has anyone else noticed that the left join feature excludes data from the left table if a match is not found on the right table? I have been seening this since the last system update. I have a Table of Active users and one with QA scores. I am using the Active User table as my left table and joining on ADID/Username. I noticed that is a user did not have any QA data for a given period, the left table will exclude theier ADID all together as opposed to keeing the ADID and displaying nulls for the columns coiming from the right table. Please let me know if you are noticing this behavior as well. 


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    This is not something I have seen in the dataflows myself but I'm sure its something support would want to know about. I would reach out directly to support and have them look at your dataflow directly.

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    I have read one article on left join on SQL Data flow, I am not sure if you are looking for the same. Do read below article, see if this helps you:




    Do give a like if this helps you.




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  • CR-eSobylak

    I'm experiencing exactly what you've described in my Magic ETL 2.0 flow.

    Left Outer Join only keeping matches. Which is incorrect. 

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    @CR-eSobylak , can you upload a sample dataset? I don't think I've experienced that and I use Magic flows daily.

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  • I'm using Magic ETL 2.0 and have not seen this happen. Make sure you are not relying on preview to determine if your join is working properly or not. You'll need to run the full dataflow to make sure.

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