Default date filter for embedded dashboard


We have an embedded dashboard that has a date filter card.  Has anyone figured out how to default a value to that card like the last 30 days or something like that?  Our issue is that we have several years worth of data and in order to allow the user to pick a date range for all our data the cards have to be set to all time which looks pretty messy when the charts are set to show 'by day'  .  Based on my experience we can't set the data cards to be 'last 30 days' and then let the user pick a longer time period with the filter cards (or even page filters).  Let me know if you have found a way around that too.  




  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee



    You can use a Date Selector cards that lets users choose between a time period, which should also include "last 30 days".

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