Problems with flex tables


I am having a problem with Flex Tables where I can see all the correct rows in preview when editing the card. However when viewing the card it only shows me the first 15-20 rows. Truncated.  Anyone come across the same issue ?


  • MarkSnodgrass

    I had a similar issue a while back. I believe it is a bug, but I didn't bother to submit a case for it. I wish I could remember exactly how I solved it, but I believe it had to do with row height and sorting. I would suggest making a copy of the card and then click the reset all chart properties button and remove all sorting and then gradually add things back and see if you can determine what it is causing it.

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  • user05575

    Thanks Mark, will give that a try.

  • user05575

    ok, It's definitely a bug of some sort. Here's how I got it to work.


    - Add a filter as a quick filter

    - Save and display the card, then go to the quick filter, 'toggle' the quick filter (unselect, then select). Then all the rows magically show up.


    - Mike



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