Embedded card via programmatic filters does not allow BETWEEN pfilters

We changed our integration to use Programmatic Filters for authentication. That part works just fine. It is when I apply additional pfilters via the query parameter, the embedded card fails to load.

Its that Date column again, which is a calculated field, with the BETWEEN filter. the final url with the POST to domo server with embedToken set is
https://public.domo.com/cards/{RANDOMID}?pfilters=%5B%7B%22column%22:%22companyid%22,%22operand%22:%22IN%22,%22values%22:%5B116%5D%7D,%7B%22column%22:%22uniqueformid%22,%22operand%22:%22IN%22,%22values%22:%5B%22307%22%5D%7D,%7B%22column%22:%22Date%22,%22operand%22:%22BETWEEN%22,%22values%22:%5B%222020-10-01%22,%222020-12-31%22%5D%7D,%7B%22column%22:%22tagvalue16%22,%22operand%22:%22IN%22,%22values%22:%5B%22automation123Gijs%22%5D%7D%5D&dap=10298 If I remove the Date column, it seems to work correctly.

We obviously need to have that date column there to use it for BETWEEN filtering.

Anyone has experienced this issues as well?


  • Hi @user033119 


    I haven't used programmatic filters extensively and haven't run into your specific issue but have you tried translating the BETWEEN to be >= and <= clauses to see if that's an issue?


    For example:

    `date` BETWEEN `date1` AND `date`  becomes `date` >= `date1` AND `date` <= `date2`

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  • We tried that as well. Not working. It is difficult to understand why this is a bad request as there is zero information on the error and status.

  • Are you able to filter on another date field which isn't a beast mode? Can you try and calculate that date in a dataflow first and then do the filtering so it's not relying on the beast mode?

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  • are you able to successfully filter on Date is IN ?  (i.e. do you have the syntax for specifying a date correct?)

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