Where to find Beast Mode documentation


Where can I find documentation on functions in Beast Mode such as median()?  Median is not listed in the reference guide  .  Also, where can I find documentation for the SQL functions we can use in Beast Mode such as PERCENTILE_CONT?



  • jaeW_at_Onyx

    @riley_finn , there isn't documentation on the set of functions available.


    you can see the list in the beast mode editor / creator. and most days of the week the functions will follow MySQL syntax.


    Median can be enabled using a feature switch (talk to your CSM) but that may be why the function isn't appearing in the UI.


    Regarding PERCENTILE_CONT, you're right, there are some undocumented functions.  For those it tends to be a little ... prayer and luck ?  you can use the syntax you see in Redshift or Vertica.  I suppose you could ask support, but usually I just look at Redshift or Vertica as a baseline.  but do check with your CSM to see if they can get you access to additional resources.

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  • riley_finn

    Thanks for the insight.  Median works, so I'm assuming my CSM enabled it.  However, median still does not appear in the UI, i.e., the drop-down selector in the Beast Mode UI.