How to set default page level filters?


I'm trying to set default page level filters, by setting up default values and clicking "Save Filters" at the top of my dashboard. These filters apply for me, but not for other people who have access to the dashboard (they see the page without the default filters).  


Can anyone explain?


  • user004812


    When you apply the filter on a dashboard, everyone else who has access to that dashboard, should be able to see the filter. The below atatched message pops up when you save the filter on the dashboard.  

    If this is not working, you might want to check your access level. For instance, an admin might be able to save the filter on a dashboard for all the audiences while someone with a regular access will not be able to. 


  • hamza_123
    hamza_123 Contributor

    Hi. I'm the admin for the page. If I set the filters, not everyone see them. 

  • bigdatadojo2000

    I too am having this issue. When I save page filters, the filters appear for other users but are not pre-selected. Each individual must go-in and select the appriate filters and save. This would be huge if admins could push-out page-level filters. Also if they could have default values selected on card-versions of page-filters.

  • Canadian

    Same issue here.


    Here is my use case. I have a dashboard with two cards. A radio button card with country names and a line chart card showing data corresponding to the country selected in the radio button card. When a user first opens the page, I want the radio button card to select a country by default (lets say USA) and the line chart to show only USA data. The users can then select other countries to see the data from that country in the line chart.


    Is it possible to do that. 

  • ST_-Superman-_

    There is currently a product in beta that grants this ability.  Filter views.  


    If you are interested in joining, you should contact your Domo CSM.  I'm not sure when the beta is scheduled to be released into the main product.

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