Cards for "Today" go blank at UTC time, not local time


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I have a card that shows KPI for only "Today". At 5 PM Pacific time the card goes blank (as if it thinks the day is over). I am physically in the Pacific time zone and all of our date/time data going into Domo is in Pacific time. I have since learned that Domo assumes all data coming in is UTC and adjusts the data to the time zone in your company settings, so I switched our company setting to UTC time. So now Domo is not changing the data, but since we are now UTC time the cards still go blank at 5 PM Pacific. If we switch the company setting to Pacific, Domo will adjust our times, thinking they imported as UTC, and try to make them Pacific. There are too many cards (& card makers) to make changes at the card level. 

How do we get the "Today" numbers to stay until midnight Pacific time (or for monthly views, to keep it from switching over to to the next month?). How do other companies deal with this challenge?

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