Marketo Connector API Data


Hi All,


I have connected the Marketo Dashboard, but I'm unable to validate the data against the Email Performance Report in Marketo.  On their community page I found a post that says:


Marketo Support says DOMO is taking raw data logs from API connection while Marketo's algorithm is doing the following:

  1. Reporting unique clicks <> DOMO gets all clicks
  2. Marketo is giving best interpretation of truth and filtering out bots/server clicks <> DOMO gets all clicks
  3. Marketo is drawing inferences based on behavior. So if someone clicked but didn't open, Marketo is counting that as an open. If someone unsubscribes, but did not open, Marketo is counting that as an open <> DOMO is only getting raw data so if there wasn't an actual open it is not in DOMO

Has anyone managed to replicate this filtering logic in Domo so that the Domo cards figured match the Marketo Email Performance Report numbers?  Would you be willing to share your approach?  Thank you in advance.