Assigning color palette for stacked bar chart at once


Hi Everyone,


I need help in knowing if we can assign color palette to various categories in a stacked bar chart at once and most preferably pastel color, Because as of now i need to select each category and change its color according to my need of showing a lesser value category with slightly dark color as it would show up as athin line in a stacked bar and on the other hand the thick bar with light color as it would however be clearly visible in the chart.


  • GrantSmith

    Hi @user037924 


    Have you looked at the Chart Properties > Colors? This will allow you to assign specific colors to values you choose. You can also change the opacity of the colors if that's more of the look you're going for.

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  • user037924

    Thanks Smith. Yes I am aware of chart properties - color, but i want to assign a diverging color palette to all the categories at once and not by selecting each category seperately and asssigning color to it because i have lot of categories in my stacked bar chart.

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