Card API? List cards that use a DataSet?


I just had a look at the API docs, and it looks like there are a lot of features we could use. I've gone through the obvious pages a couple of times, and am not finding a Card API. Is that right? I've got several uses for such a thing. On my mind today is auditing PDP rules. Given how we're set up, I'd like to be able to review a page and figure out all of the DataSets it has views onto. We want to share a page and verify that it only includes cards with DataSets with PDP enabled an configured correctly.


WIth the Page API, you can get a list of card IDs for all of the cars used on a page or subpage.

WIth the DataSet API you can get the PDP rules for the DataSet.

Mostly there!


What you can't do it figure out which cards are tied to which DataSets. The DataSet API calls don't return results with card IDs, and I can't find a Card API to try and work it the other way. (Build a catlog of card IDs with DataSet IDs and go that way.)


Am I missing something here? I'd be very grateful for suggestions. I haven't coded anything yet, just checking the collections of available data for Cards, Pages, DataSets and such.


It would be nice to have a Card API with card definition details too to make backups.





  • Chronos

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • dax22
    dax22 Domo Employee


    Unfortunately, no, there is not currently any type of Card API like you are requesting. I can completely understand why you would want this type of API availability. I would suggest submitting this feedback request using the feedback option in your Domo instance, within the 9-square icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen.

    I apologize this feature does not already exist.

  • Varun

    This doesn't seem to have a solution yet. It is a roadblock and non-user friendly if there is no Cards API. 

    As of yesterday, I have confirmed with DOMO Customer success & support teams that a Cards API doesn't exist.


    Basically it is a very logical and simple requirement, API to retrieve - 


    Now there is no link between the CARDS & DATASETS, But there is a separate API for DataSets which doesn't have any card, collection or page info. 


    It should be part of the DOMO API roadmap and made available sooner than later.



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