Determining Time on Page using ' Advanced Adobe' Connector


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My Team and I used Average Time Spent on Page (averagetimespentonpage) and Average TIme Spent on Site (averagetimespentonsite) as metrics for an 'Intermediate' report type that used 'Page' as the Report Element. 


Average TIme Spent on Page yielded a nonnumeric value that we could not convert in ETL (error occured on that step when preview was run). Average Time on Site yielded a numerica value but it was at the server level. We need to see the time spent on a page level from our Adobe data dump. What are we missing??


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  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee



    If the ETL will not convert the text field to a number then it suggests someplace in that field there are non-numeric values. Work with your dataset and by filtering you should be able to find the values in there ate are causing you this issue. You then have two methods you can use to resolve this.


    1. Return to your data source and correct the data there.

    2. Replace or remove those values in your ETL prior to the conversion.


    I hope this helps you.