Anyone Using Call Tracking Metrics (CTM / CallTrackingMetrics) Data Connector?


Good day everyone,


I am having some trouble using the CallTrackingMetrics Data Connector provided by Domo. The connect was easy to setup, it accepted my credentials, and successfully moves data - all of which is great. However there are literally no filters or controls for the incoming data. This creates a scenario where I must bring in ALL data or NO data. I could actually live with this but the problem is the payload is restricted to 10k rows which means I'll never get all of the data. I also though I could at least start from today going forward by using the 'Append Update' method, but the append method doesn't work as the incoming data just duplicates (presumably because I can't define WHAT to use as the identifier for appending).


So I guess my question is - has anyone actually used this and has anyone gotten it to work? Any tips or recommendations? Right now I'm at the mercy of CTM's email jobs which leave a lot to be deisred and I'd really like to leverage the API so I can start building real-time (well, within 15 minutes) dashboards for my Call Center teams.


Thanks in advance.



  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hi there,


    It sounds like you have a few options. if you need the historical data can you export that from your CallTrackingMetrics UI? 


    If so you could import that to Domo and then use an ETL to append updated information to that data. I know many people have done this with various data sources.


    To deal with the 10k row limit I think there are two options.


    1. Connect and append the data more frequently. hoping in that time frame you never get to the limit.

    2. Reach out to the data provider and ask if the 10k limit can be increased. 




    Jarvis sorry for necromancing the thread -- Domo Dev/Support  sorted the 10k record limit.


    The issue going forward is that the native connector's "append" feature does not work. Append duplicates all data rather than add only new records (based on unique ID or timestamp, whatever).


    I have a bug open but it doesn't seem like a high-priority.


    Updating so anyone travelling here from the future can see it.