ServiceNow connector and reporting


Has anyone in the community been able to successfully connect and utilize the ServiceNow connector for the purposes of reporting Incidents and Request?

I am trying to setup a dashboard to report SNow tickets being opened and resolved on a weekly basis but I am finding thet I am able to report on Created accurately but Resolved I am not matching records with SNow report. Domo counts are off, not sure if its just looking at a subset of data because of the syst_created_on date or what. Any insights would be helpful.





  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee

    Hi there,


    Have you followed the steps in the documentation here;



    There are a few items to pat special attention to like this;


    "Note: The user account for the connected ServiceNow credentials must be set to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT); otherwise problems will occur. To edit your profile's time zone, do the following:

    1. While logged into ServiceNow, navigate to Self Service > My Profile.

    2. Locate the property called Time Zone.

    3. Select GMT as the time zone."

    Maybe this was skipped and this could by why numbers don't match up? If this does not resolve your issues I would contact support directly.