Using Images in DOMO cards


I have seen there is an option to add images to table. Is there any option to add images in card directly. 


My requirement is to compare two numbers(a,b) and dispaly an upside arrow if  a>b and a downside arrow if a < b.


I am able to do this using an image inside a table but not in a card. Can you help me in this ?


  • Aditya_Jain

    Hi @AvinashK 

    You can directly use 'Comparative Gauge' Card for achieveing this without the need of using images. It's available under Chart Type 'Gauges'.

    1. Please follow the below mentioned steps,
    2. Select 'Comparative Gauge' Under Chart Type 'Gauges'
      Here, you can put 'Current' Value as 'A' and 'Previous Value' field as your column 'B'
    3. Under Chart Properties > General > Value Displayed -  Here select 'Value Change' from the drop down.


    Hope this helps.



    Aditya Jain

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  • AvinashK

    Hey @Aditya_Jain 


    Thanks for the reply. I am aware of the Gauge cards. 


    My basic need arised from the fact that the arrow in gauge cards is not looking good. So I want to use a picture of an arrow in the card instead. 


    Or is there any way we can change the look of arrow in the Gauge charts?

  • MarkSnodgrass


    You should ask your account manager to enable the Shapes card in your instance. It is currently in Beta, but they can add it to your instance and I think it will accomplish what you are looking for. Here is a link to the documentation where you can see all the different shapes you can use.

    Hope this helps.

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