Visualize 3 numbers in single card


Hello everyone, 


I have a situation where I need to show 3 numbers in  a card. Need help to chose a better card. 




1. Metric  value for 1-30 days - a

2. Metric value for 31-60 days - b

3. Benchmark for the same metric - Not present in dataset - a static value


I want the card to show :


1. Metric  value for 1-30 days - a

2. percentage change between a and b with either color code or arrow 

3. value change between a and the benchmark with either color code or arrow 



Let me know if any one has an idea.




  • RobertoBis


    maybe you can use a Domo Story, then create a text card and insert three 'summary number' objects in there.


    I'm attaching a screenshot.


    Hope this can help.



  • AvinashK



    Thanks for the reply. It helped. But I want to know if I can add increase/decrease direction arrows like in comparative Gauge chart or apply any color code for the summary numbers in that DOMO story card. 


    Can you help in this ? Thanks in advance.

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