Upload CSV with latest date


Hi all! 


I want to setup a workbench job that connects to an ftp and picks up the file with the most recent date.  

The folder in the ftp includes all previous files but I only want workbench to pull the most recent file! 

Any ideas? 


Many Thanks 



  • NewsomSolutions

    If the file includes the data you can set your filename to use it...filename[yyyy-dd-mm].csv.  But if you don't have that luxury and it is just filename.csv and filename.csv...or whatever...the workbench connection should only be picking up the most recent file.  So if a file is dropped in there daily, just run the workbench connection for daily and you should be good.  You can do some recursive dataflow ETL work too inside Domo to ensure you don't accidentally bring in duplicates if the FTP file isn't new one day or something.