Domo Phoenix Aggregations


 Hello, I'm new to Phoenix and reading the documentation I'm not able to find how can I aggreate a value.

Let's say for example, I have an input form that generates an API Dataset which I can create charts with.


An example of a simple bar chart looks like this:



In this example, I'm using postBody to make a COUNT aggregation to graph the data.


How is that possible in the Phoenix environment?


This is my code so far:


var columns = [
type: DomoPhoenix.DATA_TYPE.STRING,
name: 'userName',
mapping: DomoPhoenix.MAPPING.ITEM
type: DomoPhoenix.DATA_TYPE.DOUBLE,
name: 'user',
mapping: DomoPhoenix.MAPPING.VALUE
type: DomoPhoenix.DATA_TYPE.LONG,
name: 'userName',
mapping: DomoPhoenix.MAPPING.SERIES

And this is my output:



Now what's being displayed with Phoenix is the sum of userId, but I want a way to display the count of a column.


I'd also like to know if there are ways to do other aggregations like sum or average, but most importantly, the COUNT of a STRING field



Thanks in advance.


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