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I am currently working with a moderatley sized table card that I would like to display on a story dashboard; however, not all the columns are visible and there is no way to scroll within the card to see the additional rows. Does anyone have a good solution as to how I can either display everything in the table or be able to scroll to the other rows? 


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    Lack of scrolling makes table cards in the new Stories format not very useful if the end user needs to click into the card regardless. Looking forward to an update on this in the future! Notebook cards allow for scrolling 

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  • Adding another comment for visibility. This has also been posted to the ideas exchange but it isn't getting many votes.

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    If you desperately need to scroll, you could make a 'sumo card'. That allows you to scroll though the table on your dashboard. The downside is that you won't be able to edit the looks of the table in a tool like analyzer. 

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  • Domo has a mega table card type that you can ask to get activated in your instance. It is still technically in beta, but allows for scrolling and a number of other features. Excerpt from KB article :

    Mega tables (currently in BETA). These provide all of the same functionality as standard tables and heat map tables, but include much more as well. You can have up to 25,000 rows in a mega table. You can also collapse and expand, sort, and scroll mega tables on a Page. Mega tables can also include HTML links and images.

    You can reach out to your account manager to get this card type activated in your instance.


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