Why are my interactions / hyperlinks not working?

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Hi! I am trying to build a domo page that will essentially serve to navigate users across multiple domo pages using images and text boxes. I tried adding interactions to internal domo pages then tried copying the domo links and building the interaction as if it were going to an external web page. I did check that the https:// were in place but nothing worked after saving the dashboard.


Anyone have a trick to making this work?



  • user14098

    Aaaannndd...it turns out as soon as I closed out of my window and logged back in it was working!


    No magic dojo needed ?

  • guitarhero23

    Aw man what am I supposed to do now if I can't answer your question?! (Oh right, I have other work to get back to). There goes the Dojo magic. Glad you figured it out, don't forget to mark your answer as a solution to close it out ?

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