Is there a way to add rows to a dataset while in Domo where the dataset was a file upload?


I have a file I want to upload using the file upload connector. I will be turning the dataset over to one of the users and want to allow him to edit the dataset as a webform. He will have to add and delete rows and edit rows as necessary. I want to make it as simple as I can for him. Most of the time he will only have to update one cell or row at a time so I don't want to have him need to upload a file everytime to update the data. Is there a way to do this?



  • guitarhero23

    How large is the spreadsheet? Can you just copy and paste the rows from Excel straight into a new Domo Webform? I've done it for a limited amount of rows and it went "ok" but if you're making this post I'll assume it means you have an amount that makes that not feasible as the Chrome tab will hang and not really do anything.


    This option might not work for you as it's more involved but you might be able to create the dataset in Domo as a Webform then create a Script in your programming language of choice to take the spreadsheet and update the webform. Definitely more work on your end.

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  • cwolman
    cwolman Contributor

    Another option would be to keep the file in a cloud service such as one drive, google drive, dropbox, etc.  Domo has pre-built connectors to these services and you could schedule how often the dataset should look at the file for updates.  Sharing this file with the user would allow them to edit the file accordingly and the changes update in Domo as well.

  • Jarvis
    Jarvis Domo Employee



    There wouldn't be a way to update the File Upload dataset directly with the Webform Connector.

    You would be able to do this by using a DataFlow and joining the Webform Data onto the File Upload Data. This would allow the data to update every time the customer added new data to the Webform.