count states in rows


Have a series of rows of orders for different states ex.


order                      state


1                             CA

2                             CO

3                              CA

4                             MT


i.e. the count for CA would be 2 and CO, and MT would be one, assuming would need to do sometime of grouping? But how do I display the count total on the card?




  • n8isjack
    n8isjack Contributor

    You may have already found the answer, but it sounds like you need to update the [Group By] action so that in step 1, you ONLY select the state field. The aggregation could COUNT any of the other fields that is never blank. The result will only have one row per state, the state name and count of rows.


    Then you can [Join Data] matching on the state name to get the count back into the granular data... if you want that.


    There are ways to get this at the card level too so you are not stuck with the count from the dataflow. It is a good rule of thumb to do aggregations as late in the process as possible:


    > Data System > Data Import to Domo > Data Flow > Card Calculations


    If you do this COUNT in the card it will adjust and recalculate based on user interactions, filters, etc... By doing it in the dataflow you are stuck with the result the dataflow calculates.

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  • meadow_ryan

    believe we got this fixed...thanks