Box Connector rounding excel values randomly


I'm trying to use the Box connector to do a straight-forward import of data from an excel file and have noticed that some values in fields formatted as numbers are being randomly rounded to two decimal places. Once the data ends up in domo the field data type is correct, but the actual stored value becomes #.##000000000. I tried running the excel file through a workbench job instead and all of the values came through as expected without any rounding.


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    NewsomSolutions Domo Employee

    @MalcolmChaney  you realize they are rounded when you're previewing the data inside of Box?  Is that where the rounding is occurring? 


    You mention "once the data ends up in domo the field data type is correct" does that mean the problem does not exist in Domo and just the preview in Box?


    Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to figure out where the problem is.  I'm not sure if you want the value to be ##.####### or ##.## and if either of those where there is a mismatch from the originating file.