How can we share documents/Pictures on publication groups?

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    If you're talking about doing it through the page directly it isn't do-able right now to my understanding...they just show up with blank boxes. 


    With the new update with more options for images in Stories that may change I guess....anyone know?


    I've exposed branding images in the past using the URL of the image in a beastmode calc to show them on a card but not directly on a page.  You could I guess do that too if that would work for you.  


    As for the document, could you use the iframe option for Google Drive?  Again, that would show your document in a card vs directly on the page.  You may also put together a card that shows the links to the documents and let people get out of Domo to get them but that may not be the best idea. 


    I'm just throwing out some things I've done or could thinking about...hopefully, someone else has a better answer for you...I'll be following this to learn too.