How to upload 60 data sets at once


Is there a good way to securely upload multiple data sets quickly?  I have 60 CSVs for 3 clients (180 in totoal) and I'm working on a Mac so I cannot use workbench.


  • NewsomSolutions
    NewsomSolutions Domo Employee

    If the schema is the same for each file you could combine them into one.  With a mac I think these instructions would work. I have done it on a windows system, but not a mac.


    If the schema is different then you could just upload one at a time through the File Upload connector.  That would then create 180 total datasets that you may not want to have...then you'd have to do some ETL work if they are data that you need to join/append.


    If this is going to be a reoccurring deal, it may be wise to see if you can email those files into box or directly into Domo or put on a SFTP server and bring in that way.


    I hope that helps