Java SDK -- Full authentication is required to access this resource




I am trying to use the Java SDK to access a stream, when I run the app I get the following error


Exception in thread "main" com.domo.sdk.request.RequestException: Error making request url: reponseBody:{"status":401,"statusReason":"Internal Server Error","path":"/v1/streams/662","message":"com.domo.bedrock.service.exception.UnauthorizedException: Full authentication is required to access this resource","toe":"O6Q67O9N7H-U3ALR-NVA7L"}


This is the code


        Config config = Config.with()
                        .scope(Scope.USER, Scope.DATA)              

        //Create an instance of the SDK Client
               DomoClient domo = DomoClient.create(config);
        System.out.println( "Hello World --2!" );
               //Manage Streams
               StreamClient streams = domo.streamClient();
        System.out.println( "Hello World! -- 3" );      
               List<Stream> result ="");
               System.out.println("Listed Streams: " + result);


Isn't the config supposed to authenticate and request the oauth token?


  • n8isjack
    n8isjack Contributor

    That probably just means the id/secret were wrong.

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