Data Origin


Is there a way to show the origin of the data in the final file?


Meaning if I have multiple input files and/or a mix of files, databases, etc, can I add the provenance/data origin of a specific piece of data in the file file created?


So if I have 3 columns in Excel file called "Works" (say Columns A, B, C) and I have a ETL process that finalizes with some outputs and one of these outputs called "Art" (which contains three columns 1,2,3)  is used as a source file and lastly a database is used to pull additional data (columns A, 1, Other)


Is there a way to say A, B and C came from Works Excel File, 1,2,3 came from Art ETL export and Other came from Database "This Database"?




  • NewsomSolutions
    NewsomSolutions Domo Employee


    1. You could put that information in the labels for your card

    2. You could put that information in the summary value for the card

    3. You could create a text file that contains information like a data dictionary and have it on the same page/appendix and put a link to it from the card in the summary of the card.



  • jackb1117
    jackb1117 Contributor

    Similiar to the suggestion above, you could also using a naming convention and alias the fields in the dataflow (alias the fields as 'Excel File - Attribute 1', 'Database - Attribute 2', etc.) so that way if you find yourself creating many cards from the same dataset you don't have to worry about changing the label on the fields multiple times.


    For complex dashboards we use a data dictionary like the poster above suggested- it shows how the metric is calculated, from where the data is derived, etc.