Create a new table from existing table with data for last few days




Let say I have a table that corresponds to a Domo card.


This table has a field with type 'Date'


Now I want to create another table that is exactly mirror to my 1st original table, but will consider data only for last x-days starting from my System-date. Furthermore, that new table should be updated automatically when my original table gets new data.


Is there any way to establish such process? If it is there, can you be explain how-to


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    @user05966  I think this is what you'd need to do is create an ETL process.


    In one lane of your ETL you could just do the work you are doing now...maybe it is select all columns...or you have something else you've already created. 


    But in the second lane, you'd use the 'Date Operations' and do some calc like -5 days from current date...and filter on that value.


    currentdate.JPGThen your ETL would look like this..




    I hope this helps.



    Please like to thank

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    You may want to Ignore that last comment...I haven't had enough caffienee yet...I thought you said dataset not card.


    If you are just trying to have an idential card but the original is already filter...and the new one will take another filter but on a system may could just 'save as' on the original card...and on the new 'copied' card...set your date filter there. You'd get identical data but the filters could be different.

  • user05966

    With this approach, I still have the same Table as the original. I need to have a different Table which is derivative of the original with lesser data.


    What I want is to download the Table for further processing outside of Domo - using say R connector. Since my original table is very big, I cant download that table instead intend to download a filtered table.