Manually Edit Data in a Dataset


Hey everyone,


I'm trying to figure out a way to edit data within Domo.


Every evening we take a snapshot of our open orders (directly from our ERP via a webservice).

The snapshot records for each day are appended to the dataset and we use them to calculate a planned vs actual variance for the day.

This works well if every order is completely up to date at the time of the snapshot, however that isn't always the case.

If we correct the order the next day, then the snapshot record for the new day is correct but the old snapshot and the variance for the previous day stay wrong forever.


Is there any way to edit a specific record in a dataset within Domo? Or maybe some option to export the entire data set, edit the spreadsheet, and upload it to overwrite the data?




  • NFSharma

    You can use DOMO workbench connector to export your data into DOMO from a specific location on your local network. If you want to edit the data manually just open the file locally, make the necesssary changes and save the file. Every time a file save is detected DOMO auto exports and update the data in datacenter.



  • user03965

    Hey NFSharma,


    Thanks for the suggestion. I understand I can use local data as the source of my data set, but this dataset is coming directly from our ERP via a webservice. Occasionally the data is incorrect in the ERP when the snapshot is taken and I need a way to modify the old snapshot data.

  • NFSharma

    Is the append manual or automated? I think Recursive workflow can solve this issue ?