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I am sending files from my ERP to a SFTP and pulling that file via the SFTP CSV Connector.  The challenge is that it schedules to pull every 4 hours but I was curious if there is a way to set up a connector that pulls from the SFTP, only when the file is updated.  


Right now the challenge is that my ERP sometimes finishes in 4 hours and sometimes in 16, depending on the demand from the server and users logged in, so when the connector is running it is a gamble on whether that run will pick up the newest file or the same old one.  It would be great for the connectoir to kick off only when the file has been updated.


Please let me know your thoughts.  I tried to do the CSV connector but my current SFTP is not on my local drive(or can be made accessible as local), as it is hosted by DOMO(old school method), and I cannot move drap the file into that new site.  


Any help would be appreciated.


  • Thor
    Thor Domo Employee

    Hi @DMJerry!


    At this time, our Connectors do not have the ability to check if the data has updated and then run. This idea would be a great improvement to the Connector structure.


    Please visit the Dojo Ideas Exchange You can search existing ideas and then vote for it if it matches what you have in mind. If you cannot find it, please create a new Idea which can then be voted on by your fellow Dojo members by clicking the white arrow next to the idea.


    Best of luck!

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