What happens when you deactivate a connector? Can it be reactivated?


Our company is currently using the trial version, where we can only have 4 Connectors active at once.


We are currently making use of all 4 connector slots, but would like to test another type of connector.


If I were to deactivate one of the connectors now, would I be able to reactivate it at a later point without having to reconfigure the connector, re-setup the cards/datasets being powered, etc?


What happens to the cards/datasets that were being powered by a connector once it has been deactivated?


  • ASperry
    ASperry Domo Employee



    For trial versions of Domo, you would have to delete all datasets under a specific connector to allow the option to use a different connector. Unfortunately, there is not an option to deactivate a connector.


    I hope this answers your question. If you have additional questions I'd recommend using the chat option in your Domo instance.



    Aaron Sperry

    Domo Support