Is there a way to get a notification if a workbench job is taking more time than the set time limit?



We faced an issue in one of our workbench jobs. The job is scheduled to run every 5 min and if it fails, a notification is sent on my mail.

But, in case there is an issue with workbench, and job enters into a state of non-termination i.e. runs continuously but never completes nor does fetching any data and neither generates any error. I do not get any failure notification and never know if there is an issue.

Is there any way to get a notification if a job is taking more time than the set time limit, so that I can terminate it manually?



Can we terminate the a particular job on workbench which is in a non-responsive state without stopping the workbench service?


  • gatormain

    Under each Dataset, there is an option to have it terminated after a certain amount of time. 


    Expand the Dataset

    Click 'Settings'

    In the bottom container 'Additional Settings' there is a checkbox for 'Terminate long running DataSet jobs after:'


    The only options are 1, 2, 4, 8, 12, and 24 hours. (any other options would be an enhancement request)


    I'm not sure if that counts as a fail - somebody else may know or you might be able to try it out. I would think if it kills the job, it would become a fail and you would get a notification. 


    I haven't had your case happen - just know of that option ? Hope that helps partially get you there.  

  • @Gaurav, did @gatormain's reply help you out?

  • Gaurav

    Hi ,


    This information is useful, but my jobs execution time is 1 minutes and the solution which you mentioned is useful only when your jobs execution time is greater than an hour. Is there any other method through which I can get a notification if my job exceeds 1 minutes?


    Also, if I am facing the same issue then I am not able to run my job manually because it is showing an error message ’your query is already in queue’. To run the job in such a case I have to stop the workbench from task manager which is really not convenient. Is there any other way to stop it?

  • Can anyone help @Gaurav with his issue?

  • CWebb
    CWebb Domo Employee

    Gurav -- More information will be needed to answer this question. I'm going to take this offline, do some research, and get back to you via email. Please look for that in your inbox. I will share the answer here later.



    I work for Domo.



  • user02879

    Hi Cody,


    Could you please share your answer for this.



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