How to connect Elastic search index using workbench or direct?


We have our data residing in elastic search indexes some residing in On-Perm and some on AWS cloud , how to connect upload the data using workbench or direct connector?


  • Darius
    Darius Domo Employee



    We do not have an ElasticSearch connector at this time, however, other customers have considered third party ODBC drivers to use Workbench to pull data from ElasticSearch environments to push into Domo. We don't have any partners in that space at this time, so there is not a driver that we promote, but you may be able to vet out a driver that meets your needs. Otherwise, you can create JSON files through a script depending on your ElasticSearch vendors and then you can pull those files into Domo through one of our JSON connectors:

    Beyond those solutions, I would suggest sharing your ideas with the Domo community and potentially reaching out to your Domo account team to express your interest in connecting to ElasticSearch data. Please search our Ideas exchange here If your idea exists then vote it up, otherwise submit your idea so others can vote it up.



    Darius Rose
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