Recommended application for online forms & data collection


I would love a recommendation!  I'm looking for an "off-the-shelf" application, preferrably web-based, for creating data input forms.

Here's the kicker - I have around 800 users, and each needs to be presented with custom fields because they each track different metrics.

For example, perhaps my team tracks metrics A, B, and C, and your team tracks metrics X, Y, and Z.  Depending on the user, the form should display the metrics and targets that are specific to the user.

Please reach out if you've worked with an application that might fit the bill.




  • NewsomSolutions

    Google forms is great.  Here is an overview from zapier, but you don't have to use zapier...just use Google Forms.  then if you want that data into Domo, use the Google Sheets connector to make that happen.  if you need your forms to be nicer looking there are some add ons you can get like wufoo. 

  • nitot

    Thanks!  I did check out Google Forms, but it lacks the more advanced functionality of presenting unique fields depending on the user.