Bar Chart with Aggregate Line Trouble

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I would like some advice since I am struggling to build the following in a card.


I have a dataset structured like this:

Sample set.JPG


I'd like to produce a chart like the following:

  • Bars: each value where Record_Type = "A" 
  • Flat Median line of only Record_Type = "B" records

Chart Sample.JPG

I would restructure and precalculate median in a dataflow and however I need to be able to use a quick filter on the "Filter column" for the application we are creating. Calculated median will change based on the filter selection.


I've been trying to use the Bar + Line card and trying to create a Beast Mode column through the analyzer creating a constant value of Record_Type B Median so it can be plotted as a horizontal line. I am thinking this way, the median value will be recalculated as the quick filter changes.


 What I am trying to do:

Beastmode Example.JPG



I'm running into the below issues:

  • Can't create median aggregation as a Beastmode column in the analyzer
  • Can't seem to produce an aggregated constant value as a beasemode column (tried with AVG and didn't work)


Note: Precalculating median in dataflow is not an option unless someone can think of a structure quick filter can still be applied to change the median value based on filtered results. The Record type A and Record Type B records cant be joined together into a flat file structure (Apples and Oranges). The samples above are simplified to demonstrate the trouble I'm encountering.. 


Thanks for the assist!




  • laura_igl

    Anyone can help out with this request?




  • Msan
    Msan Domo Employee



    Thank you for contacting Domo Technical Support.


    We appreciate the information you provided regarding creating a median aggregation and creating an aggregated constant value with Beastmode.


    We’ll send you an e-mail to work this issue.


    Thank you!


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    Thank you, any help would be appreciated

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