Show beast mode value in drill down detail


When drilling down to the details of a card, should the beast mode calculation show?


For example, I have card that calculates the difference between 2 dates.  I want to drill down and sort by the number of days, but when I drill down, the beast mode calculation that calculates the dates is not showing, therefore I can't sort by it.


  • Godzilla
    Godzilla Contributor

    Do you have another chart/table built to drill into or are you drilling into the final data grid view?


    Check the beast mode field and make sure you have the "Share calculation on dataset" checkbox on the bottom right of the beast mode screen checked.

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  • Josh-REO

    No, straight into final data grid view.


    I'm pretty sure I have the box checked, but I will check again.

  • Sambo_Servicer

    Try hitting the "Edit Table" pencil icon on the right hand of the Drill Down Detail. It'll slide out the columns on the table. I've found that my beastmode calcs are there and are not selected. Clicking on them will add them back to the table.


    My problem is that I don't seem to be able to filter on them. That means that if I have a Case When x = y then 1 else 0, that I can't tell the table to display rows with a 1. 

  • bstephens

    Following up on this since it doesnt seem to have been answered. Basically wanting to know if it is possible to display Beast Mode variables as columns in the Dataset Table View (i.e. the end-of-the-line of the Drill Path).


    Please note that this is distinct from simply toggling from the Chart to the Table View on any given card (or step in the Drill Path), since that simply shows the aggregate chart values. 


    Instead we want to see each row of the resultatnt dataset (whether it has been filtered/drilled down into or not) with the native columns AS WELL AS any Beast Mode calculations/variables on a row-by-row basis.


    Whether we can sort on those or not is a different matter (would be cool) but for now just want them displayed.