How do you re-activate a de-activated data set?


I have a bunch of  Microsoft CRM Dynamics Datasets that were de-activated because the CRM User was changed. I now have a new user that is working correctly and I can manually run the data sets, but they are still de-activated and the schedule is not running. Is there something else I need to do to get the schedules to run on these datasets again?


  • laura_igl



    Is anyone able to help with this request?



  • Thor
    Thor Domo Employee

    HI @user02734,


    Normally you can hover over the DataSet in the Data Center and the Wrench icon menu has a drop down for re-activate for a DataSet. You will probably need to re-assign the credetnials powering the DataSet as well, though it sounds like you have done that because you are able to manually run it and get new data.


    You could also try adjusting the settings, Saving, and then adjusting them back to see if the re-activates it.


    Best of luck!

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