Modify Business in a Box derpartments

rado98 Contributor

Is there a way to modify the Departments shown in hte Business in a Box page.

I like the idea of the Box but non of it applies to us. I can add custom dashboard but as not even the Departments titles work for us it would be pointless in helping people find things.


I would like turn the Box into a sort of Library of pages to create a bit of a guided expirience for our users. I keep getting "where do I get this, where do i get that" or people dont even ask.


Having the as custom library of sorts would really help adoption I think.


  • laura_igl

    Can anyone help with this request?


  • zcameron
    zcameron Domo Employee



    This type of customization of Business in a Box is planned for future releases, but it not available yet. To help the product team know more about your needs and use case, I'd recommend using the Ideas Exchange here in Dojo and/or the Feedback button in your Domo instance to provide information about the type of customization your use case would require. The product team sees that feedback in both of those places and can reach out for clarifications as necessary.

  • user03795

    We also need a flexible organizational framework to organize content into categories. The pre-defined values for departments don't cut it. 

    • define "departments" (or more generally, categories)
    • ability rename "business in a box"
    • allow for multiple instances of "businesses within boxes"
    • drive alerts to initial "BiaB" view
      1. variable text to give summary info on tabs
      2. variable colors to provide alerting function
  • user006665

    It's been a year since the request was added to ideas exchange. Any update on possibility of Business in a Box customerization?