Combined area and bar chart

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Good day,

I'm looking for a combined chart type,   area and vertical stacked chart.    Please let me know how can I achive this type of chart.     see attached image as a reference.


Thanks in advance for your advice



  • Hi,

    Anyone can help out with this request?



  • Chips
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    I do not believe this exact chart type exists. 


    Your next best bet is Line + Stacked Bar (or Line + Grouped Bar).


    Note: The Line in your dataset will always be the First Data Type in your data, so you might need to add a Data Type sort. 

    Domo Consultant

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  • ReneM
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    Thank you,   the card that I did is using  "Line + Stacked Bar",   My Finance college wants to represent the card as showed in previous attachment.    I’ll explain that there is not possible at the moment.   


    Thanks for the support.



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