Is there a way to change which axis shows up on the left/right side for a combo chart?

When building a column + line chart or a column + symbol chart I can't figure out a way to change which axis label shows up on the right side of the chart.  In the example image I've attached, I would want to move the % axis to the right side and the 'Num' axis to the left side.




  • Switch your series and Y axis values.
  • That doesn't help, the % values need to remain a line.  This is really just a matter of which axis is more appropriate for the user's eyes to read first.  If I've got dollar values in the columns, I want the dollar value axis to be on the left side so that the user sees that scale first.

  • Gotcha - I've had the same issue in the past. I don't know if there's a way to split the legend, but you can change the settings to move the legend to the top, bottom, etc. and reverse the layout order in Chart Properties-GeneralCapture.JPG

  • Does anyone have any more insight for @NGin92?

  • I've added this as a feature request.




  • Was there ever an update to this ask and what was the solution? Our CFO is asking about needing to swap all of our combo chart access points and that percentages shouldn't be defaulted to the left if the bulk of the data presented is primary and somehow appearing on the right.

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