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I am trying to use a Lat Long Map to visualize bike station status for the Bay Area Bike Share. BABS has ~70 stations, and I want to visualize station status within the context of neighboring stations. One dot for each station, colored by "Good" or "Bad".


Here is the first cut (without status colors):


domo map.PNG there any way to zoom into just the bay area? I really do not care what is going on in Sacramento, let alone Arizona.


Dataset is attached.




  • amnel
    amnel Domo Employee

    @Wolfram the lat long card will "zoom in" if you have another filter to leveage. In your example I used the "landmark" field to filter on and got different views. This is just to show you what the card can do. For a default view with all your data points, you can try to tie your lat/long locations to a another; custom series, county or zip. Filtering on one of these new dimensions might tell the card to limit down to the view you are looking for. 


    Screenshot at Feb 08 13-40-01.png



  • mylee

    Hi @Wolfram@amnel,


    Thanks for the solution. I tried @Wolfram method but it still doesn't zoom in enough to get a meaningful understanding of the data. 


    For instance, I have a large cluster near Sydney and Newcastle but I am not able to zoom in to see which location have the highest number of orders. 


    Any ideas on how to zoom in more? 


    Screen Shot 2018-01-22 at 4.48.25 PM.png


  • user06525

    I also have this problem. Did you end up getting any closing to solving it?


    I am thinking to build a custom app with google maps instead.

  • user0010231

    Hi @mylee, how did you creat this Australia map down to postcode or suburb level? I only can create state level map :( 

  • mylee
    mylee Member

    hey @user0010231, for this map I did two-level mapping

    1. From post code to city name and state name (clean up of city name and state name)

    2. From post code to lat and long


    For the second mapping, you can find the mapping file here



  • Ziqi
    Ziqi Member

    The data from this source is useful but not very accurate. In Australia, one postcode can be used for multiple suburbs. For example, postcode 2000 is for the suburbs in Sydney CBD. The dataset says 2000 is for 'The Rocks'. 'The Rocks' is just a very small part of the CBD. 

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