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I'm trying to pull in a few of the standard Twitter performance metrics available natively (via Twitter Insights). Specifically, I'm looking to pull in metrics like Impressions, Retweets, Likes, URL clicks, etc. To my understanding, the current Domo connector (Twitter Advanced) does not offer this capability. Has anyone else encountered this same problem? Have you figured out a workaround? 


Many thanks!




  • PodiumMason
    PodiumMason Contributor

    Hey Isaiah,


    This has been a drawback to the Twitter connector for as long as the connector has been in operation. The problem, however, isn't a connector problem, but a Twitter problem.


    Twitter locks organic tweet metrics behind a paywall (Gnip), and they have their own separate proprietary API. To my knowledge, outside of going through Gnip (Which Twitter owns), there isn't a workaround.


    Paid tweet metrics are much more accessible via the Twitter Ads connector, even though this isn't what you asked for. 


    Not the answer you were hoping for, I'm sure. Hope this is helpful.

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