Dataflows Created


On each dataset, there is a tab showing how many dataflow created with this dataset. (see attached screenshot. there are 6 dataflow created)


Is there any easy way I can track down which dataflows are created using this dataset?


p.s. The data lineage only shows the map downwards not upwards.


Thank you!


  • Domo_Diesel
    Domo_Diesel Domo Employee

    Hi @user01258,


    Unfortunately, this feature is currently unavailable.  However, it has already been posted in our ideas exchange here: Ideas-Exchange/Show-All-Of-The-Dataflows-A-Dataset-is-an-Input-To .  Feel free to vote up this idea and add any additional comments you may have.





  • dr
    dr Member

    hi! I'm also looking forward to see this feature implemented.
    for now I think you can go to datacenter -> dataflows and search for the name of the dataset and all dataflows using a dataset with the matching string should show up.


    br, Daniel