Sumo cards display rows offset when dimensions are grouped, is this intentional?


When creating Sumo cards, when grouping all the dimensions that are displayed, the row number labels offset, and this persists after saving.  I had another user test and they had the same results.  If this is intentional, it seems awkward as it makes it difficult to line the row number up with the dimension value.


To replicate, start a new sumo card, hide all dimensions.  Select one dimension, group that dimension, row number labels will now display offset.

Offset:offset.png   Non Offset:nonoffset.png






  • PodiumMason
    PodiumMason Contributor

    Hey @JasonAltenburg,


    I tried recreating your issue in my Domo instance but I was unable to see the row number offset as specified. I wonder if you try a different browser if you'd have different results? 


    You might want to reach out to Domo Support on buzz @DomoSupport or


    best of luck!

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