Has anyone figured out how to hid the "powered by Domo" at the bottom of embedded cards

We are embedding small cards into an internal site.  The current lay-out is a 3x3 of cards.  The "powered by Domo" both takes up a lot of realestate in each card AND looks silly when you see in nine times on the same page.


It loks basically like the following (imagine visualizations and card titles as those have been stripped out.)




Has anyone else encoutered this and if so, how did you get around it?


  • Is anyone else encountering this same issue?

  • They seem to have made it worse ... we are still looking for a way to remove the "powered by" logos.  They currently take up approximately 1/3 of the area for each visualization.  This causes each visualization to scale oddly and in many instances (like gauges) renders them entirely useless.



  • Kay
    Kay Member

    We have the same issue. Would love to see this resolved...




  • I suggest you vote up and comment on this idea here.



  • My wild guess is that you need to upgrade your pricing plan. Thats how it works in SurveyMonkey.

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