Can we use "Iframe" in Domo?


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Is it possible to include "iFrame" in DOMO cards?

Is there any option or workaround available currently?


I see some old request conversation happened last year and wanted to check any progress or update latest so far on this.


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  • Hi all,

    Can anybody help out @Domo_Admin_Team?


  • andrewnemrow
    andrewnemrow Domo Employee

    It is possible to use iFrame to display Domo card publications in webpages; however, this is not a supported feature in Domo, and Support does not assist in troubleshooting or implementations.

    Sorry that we can't be of more help.

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    Andrew Nemrow

  • BruceVolpe
    BruceVolpe Domo Employee

    @Domo_Admin_Team if you want to pull an HTML iFrame into a card then it is possible to use the Domo App Dev Studio ( to do this, but it requires some knowledge of HTMl, CSS, JavaScript and node.js.


    If you or someone on your team has background in this area, then creating a card with an iFrame would take 10-15 minutes at the most.


    Note that you have to first set up the development environment per the instructions at the URL above. However, once you do that, creating and publishing cards is not too difficult.

  • @Domo_Admin_Team, tagging you to check out @andrewnemrow's reply.

  • user05064

    When I'm previewing the app with the $ domo dev command the content is displaying properly in the iFrame and resizing correctly. However when I publish and actually put the card into a collection no content renders inside of the iFrame. Any ideas what could be causing this? 

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