Editing DataSet settings broken?


Over the past few days I've noticed that it's no longer reiably possibe to edit settings for many DataSets. For example, when you set up an Excel import, you can configure the range of rows to import, etc. The source spreadsheet name, range options, schedule, etc. are no longer visible or editable. 


Having PDP enabled or not makes no difference.


Some DataSets show a Settings tab with all of the options. Okay, maybe I've figured it out Workbench jobs can't be viewed or edited


 Thanks a lot.

Can someone confirm that this is the case? If so, I can look in Workbench for now and submit a feature request that the DataSet screen show details in read-only mode and to indicate where exactly to look to change the settings. (Which Workbench instance.)

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  • Darius
    Darius Domo Employee
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    Hello DataSquirrel,

    Workbench datasets are modified, managed or updated through Domo Workbench, so settings are not available for these datasets inside of your Domo instance. It sounds like the behavior you are seeing with your Excel connectors may be a bug. Could you please reach out to Domo Support with specific dataset examples for further investigation? Thank you!

    Darius Rose
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