Graph Display by Week calculates wrong numbers if add an annotation column on a specific date



I have a chart displaying conversion rates per day. In the section where any viewers can change the "graph by" setting, if this is changed to weekly then wierdly the graph displays the week that includes the annotated date twice in the x-axis and also calcualtes the weekly conversion wrong. This problem disappears as soon as I delete the annotated date column.

Any ideas on how i can fix this issue?




  • jhl



    I have to admit I do not fully understand. With the information you gave us, for the incorrect rate I figure you have a timeframe specified (in a case when statement) in the conversion rate calculation. This would mean the beast mode calculation is affected by switching from monthly to weekly, because not all dates used in the calculation.


    Can you explain in more detail?

    For example:

    What is an annotation column?

    What code are you using (I assume it is a beastmode?) and is your data on a daily level, timestamped by events?



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