Is there anyway to see all the cards and drilldowns that won't load data because they have an issue?


We recently modified the name of a field because it was irrelevant. Now all the cards and drilldowns that used the old field name won't load and need to be updated to the new field name. Rather than going through and clicking every card and drilldown to check if it was using the field, is there a screen I can use that shows all cards and drilldowns that have a loading issue? I feel this would be useful for overall maintenance as well.


Thanks in advance.


  • prpage

    Good Afternoon, 


    I am not sure of a way to do this at the card level but if you changed a column name I'm assuming that this affects the datasets underlying the card. If you navigate to the data center via the 9 block icon in the top right of the window, you can sort datasets or dataflows by status. Any dataset or dataflow with a failed refresh will show up here. Does this help? 

  • PeterC

    No, because the dataset still refreshes fine. Changing a column name wouldn't cause a refresh fail.


    Thank you for the response though!

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