How can I limit rows in a Sumo card?




How do I limit the rows in a Sumo column view?


I'm using a Sumo card to show a list of the top pages viewed on my site (by pageviews in the past two days).

I would like to limit that to N items (e.g., "Top 10 Pages Viewed Last Week").


The original data source is Google Analytics, where I'm pulling on dimensions page, title (and a few others) and metric pageviews (and a few others).

I group the rows by page because title sometimes change, so that prevents me from simply row limiting the import from GA.




  • Chronos

    Is anyone able to help out with this request?

  • Maxamillioo
    Maxamillioo Domo Employee

    Hi there!

    Thanks for reaching out! At this moment, the ability to limit the number of rows shown in a Sumo Card is not available, however I think that's a great idea!  If you would like to submit a feature request for the product, there are two ways to best do that. The first is to head over to and submit your idea there. The second is to submit your idea via the "Feedback" portal in your instance. To access this, click on your grid icon in the top right of your DOMO instance, and then select "Feedback" from the drop down.


    Thank you!

    Maxwell Isley

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