Hide Series from the Legend when NOT null

Searched using several different phrases but wasn't able to locate anything from previous threads on this except "Hide Series from the Legend when Null" which didn't help in this situation, so figured it would be quicker to post since it seems like a pretty easy question to get an answer for, or be advised that at this time it's not possible though it'd be nice to see if this could be considered for a feature request if it can't be done.


We're using color rules to differentiate call center agent tardiness for adherence purposes, and while the legend shows agents =< 10 minutes late in GREEN & those > than 10 minutes late in RED as we want, it still shows the series label within the legend; this isn't necessary since we already have the labels we need, and also tends to clutter things up a bit. Is there a way to hide this? Even leaving the label blank doesn't help since it just pulls the field name (see screenshot).


Thanks in advance for any assistance on this.


 Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 3.17.07 PM.png

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  • jhl
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    I just fiddled around with another dataset, try setting one of the color rules to "contains any" - this will get rid of the duplicate color and your labels apply.


  • Do you have a color rule for Total Minutes late other than the >10 or <=10 minutes? If there is one that "contains any" in your color rules, it will display even if it is not in the chart.


    (the question is also why you would want this, judging from your chart everyone but two is late :p)

  • JHL, thanks for responding. See the color rules image below, we only have the two (2) setup, the other appears to be coming direct from the SERIES column - whenever we change verbiage in the label (dropdown), it changes what's in the legend to the right for that specific oneand that's what we'd like to remove/hide if at all possible so the focus is put on those totaling mroe than 10 minutes late per month while still showing time late for all agents


    Screen Shot 2017-10-31 at 10.16.33 AM.png


    And yes, most are late and too often, which is why we're doing this (tardiness is gonna happen, we're trying to focus on those that abuse it but still have an overview of all activity)!

  • Is there another color rule applied to the dataset? 

  • No color rule anywhere else ont he dataset (as a general rule we only set rules for the card being worked on, not all cards associated with the dataset), and from what I can tell this is not related to the color rules at all



  • jhl
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    I just fiddled around with another dataset, try setting one of the color rules to "contains any" - this will get rid of the duplicate color and your labels apply.

  • I'm not seeing the option to select "contains any" in either of the existing color rules that are set? Can you provide an image of where you're seeing this on your end? Thank you!

  • I noticed that in some of our graphs it seems to be called "is always" now. dojo_colors_example.PNG

  • UPDATE: we changed the color rules order, and while it's not exactly as we'd like it did eliminate the additional label from the legend and is much closer to what we'd like than it was before! Thanks again for your help, JHL, we're going to leave as is at this time so I'll mark this as resolved. 



    Unfortunately that didn't work for us; it did "remove" the additional label from the legend, but now agents that should appear in red who are over 10 minutes late (cumulative) are in green, i.e. all agents show as green no matter the duration.


    Thanks for your assistance, JHL, but it seems we might need to submit a ticket to support on this to see if it can be done or not; turning out to be more of a pain trying to accomplish this than we expected! 

  • Always happy to help ?

  • Was a solution for this ever identified?  I have the same issue, but with a variance line bar chart, where the variance is a bar. I've added color rules for when the variance is positive and negative, but the "series", variance is still showing in the legend.  See the magenta box below.  Thanks!





  • I was not able to find a way to hide the variance series from the legend.  You could always just hide the legend altogether.  1.png



    In theory, if you titled the card and added a good description, the legend may not be needed. 

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  • Thanks for checking it out and I agree with your suggestion and will try that route!

  • @LLucinski, sorry for not replying sooner, but what we were looking for at the time wasn't available, and the  work around was to hide the legend, as @ST_-Superman-_ mentioned, but for us that really wasn't an option. 

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